Browser Hijacker Removal

Identifies and Protects the Computer from Browser Hijackers !!


The computer is always at risk of being infected by malware including worms, viruses, spyware, dialers, rootkits and Trojans. focuses on fighting malware to protect the browser all the time - and to remove any suspicuos browser activity such as unwanted popups, homepage redirects and fake search engine results.

This is where our spyhunter comes to use.

  • Threat database updated all the time
  • Fast scanning
  • Removes any browser virus
  • Complete protection against all internet threats

Installer Download size only- 0.8 MB



Removes any browser hijack For Good!

Hijackers do not just want to disrupt the network, but it is also after the user’s logins, keystrokes, address book, passwords and credit card information. It’s not going to disappear any time soon. It’s growing and constantly developing. Malware is becoming harder to discover and even more difficult to get rid of.

Only the most advanced techniques can identify and eliminate malicious programs from the computer. Combining sophisticated new technologies designed to discover, eliminate and prevent malware from infecting the computer, detects and protects the device in a convenient, simple and reliable, but lightweight anti-malware application. Interested individuals who want to make sure that their computers are protected all the time only need to pay a one-time fee to benefit from the software.

Software Features

Taking technology to a new level in the battle against malware, spyhunter detects and eliminates browser hijacking wherein even the most popular anti-malware and anti-virus applications fail.

The software monitors each process and prevents malicious processes before they even begin. Its Proactive Protection Module keeps the system safe with sophisticated heuristic scanning technology. Other features include:

  • Complete scan for every hard drive
  • Fast scan speeds
  • Database updates
  • Extra utilities help eliminate malware manually
  • Comes with password protect key program settings
  • Quarantine function prevents threats from infecting the computer and allows the user to restore at his or her convenience
  • Support for 7, Vista, XP and 8 ( 64-bit and 32-bit)
  • Customizable settings improve performance
  • Disregard list for both the Protection Module and scanner

Complete Protection on Your Computer System to remove browser virus/hijack!

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